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Hair Trial

I think a hair trial is very important. I guarantee I will not leave until you are 100% happy. I do not limit my time to only 1 hour. I like you to give me a couple of ways that you would like your hair and then we can try them out and see what best suit you. So please allow 1 1/2-2 hour for this.

When should I book my hair trial?

There is no set rule with regards to when you book or attend a trial. Personal preference. Some people know way in advance what style they want and their current hair style requires no changes to achieve this, if this is the case then anything from 6 months before the wedding would be fine. Most trials I do, tend to be about 3 months before the wedding day as a rule but feel free to book in any time you like.

What do I need for the hair trial?

Pictures! Keep any cut outs of hair styles you like or print outs from the internet. If you plan to wear a veil, tiara etc, these are great items to bring with you to the trial if you have them.

For all updo’s/blowdry’s/hair down please wash your hair either night before or morning of the trial and turn up to trial with dry hair ready to be styled. PLEASE do not use straighteners  or product on your hair on the day of the trial.

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